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Product Overview

Wallace Farm offers a wide range of soil, compost, and mulch products. Every product produced by Wallace Farm is monitored and laboratory tested.

It is a common practice for us to maintain records on all of our products indicating vital soil characteristics such as pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium levels, and many others. Our compost products are registered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture as fertilizers and/or as soil amendments. We also participate in the Seal of Testing Assurance Program with the U.S. Composting Council. Watch this video to understand the STA program. Our goal is to provide you with quality products.

Regardless of your tasks, Wallace Farm has a product that will meet your needs. From indoor potting to outdoor gardening, you can rely on our products. You may purchase our products on site in bulk or by the bag, or arrange for bulk delivery.

Product Availability






Premium Blended Top Soilbag & bulkbulkRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Organic Raised Bed Planting MixbulkRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Potting Soilbulk SPECIAL ORDERRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Carolina Gold Organic Potting Mixbag
Retail, Contractor, Wholesale
Carolina Gold Organic Garden SoilbagRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Organic CompostbulkbulkRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Premium Composted Cow Manurebag & bulkRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Clay BreakerbagRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Pine Bark Mulchbag & bulkRetail & Contractor
Pine Bark Nuggetsbag & bulkRetail & Contractor
Colored Mulchesbag & bulkbulkRetail, Contractor, Wholesale
Double Ground Hardwood Mulchbag & bulkbulkRetail, Contractor, Wholesale